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Deirdre Gilbert

Deirdre D. Dickson- Gilbert is a phenomenal woman with a phenomenal story. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the only daughter of Lovella “Hayes” Dickson. At an early age she was exposed to the arts and desired to emulate those who dominated center stage.

Her mother was a key influence in her life, as a community activist she exposed Deirdre to the many facets of living a successful life as a public servant. Combine that with Deirdre’s mastery of writing books, plays, and songs and you have the makings of a 21st Century Renaissance woman.

In 2007, Deirdre released her first book entitled “Can I Just Have a Little Bit? A Little Bit of What!" She is an avid speaker for groups such as book clubs, churches, and professional, civic and community organizations. She has been featured in Saved Magazine along with other powerful women in ministry such as Joyce Meyers. Deirdre debuted in her first stage play “What a Man What a Man”, produced, written and directed by acclaimed gospel artist Mona Moore.

The first love of her life, her daughter Jocelyn, is the inspiration for her latest memoir, “Momma, Help Me Please”. It is a touching story recounting her 22 year fight for her daughter’s right to life. In honor of her deceased daughter, she has become an advocate for families with children who have C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome and those who have experienced medical negligence. She is the founder of the Jocelyn Dickson Foundation and the National Director for The National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association Deirdre is married to Kurt Gilbert and has a son Kameron Gilbert.

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