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Momma Help Me Please

Momma Help Me Please is one woman’s story of how her love and perseverance kept her daughter with C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome alive for 22 years and the tragedy that stole her away one unfortunate Valentine’s Day. If you have ever lost something that you loved enough to sacrifice your life for, than this book is a “must read” for you.

Children don’t come with instruction manuals and raising a child without special needs is often a challenge in today’s world. As you follow the journey of Deirdre D. Gilbert, a single mother who accepted the challenge of raising a child with disabilities, you will be refueled and energized for the task.

This incredible book is full of astounding miracles imbedded in a mother’s dream that one day her daughter Jocelyn would live a “whole” life. The word “impossible,” was never in Deirdre’s vocabulary as she raised her daughter to also dream beyond her apparent limitations. Her courage and incredible faith in God, kept her fighting for her daughter’s right to breathe.

As Jocelyn neared the fulfillment of her mother’s wish, an unimaginable twist in her story brings a mysterious end to her bale for life. Missed by all those who shared her air space, this “Momma’s baby” le an undeniable impression on everyone she met. Reading their unique love story will literally leave you … breathless in anticipation of what’s to come next in this heart wrenching story of unconditional love.

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