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Book Signing -New Faith Church


Come and join the author of Momma Help Me Please at New Faith church book signing and meet and greet. You will have the opportunity to get your signed copy and take pictures with Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert.


Former Radio Talk Show Host-'LIFE" Blogtalk


You can listen to Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert on podcast on BlogTalk Radio. 


National Director-National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association


Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert is the founder of the NMMAA a non-profit that advocate on behalf of the VICTIMS of medical negligence. 



Executive Producer- The Jocelyn Dickson Story

is a story about fighting and the right to fight. It is a story about fighting for everything the average person takes for granted, life, protection under the law, justice. It is equally about the struggle for right to life and the struggle for justice when that right, even the right to struggle, is senselessly and carelessly, without regard, without recourse taken away.


Featured in Several Magazine Articles

She has been featured in Saved Magazine along with other powerful women in ministry such as Joyce Meyers, Beautifully Said Magazine, and African American Newspaper and featured in Bronze Magazine. She has been mentioned in Harper’s Magazine by Ralph Nader a strong advocate for justice. Deirdre received professional recognition in Women on the Move section of the Houston Business Journal. She has also been featured in the African American Newspaper and other online publications for her contribution to medical malpractice issues and advocacy for people who can't advocate for themselves. 

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