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Agony to Advocacy

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WE KNEW we were going against a well-oiled machine, huge medical conglomerates and countless numbers of medical professionals who would not go down without a fight, but we knew that something had to be done. We knew the road was not going to be easy. Not one agency in the entire United States as dedicated to helping those affected by medical malpractice. Were we to just sit around and do nothing? We had been turned away by countless media outlets and dubbed outside agitators by the medical community. However, we were called upon by the Lord to carry the torch of pain and hurt for the thousands and millions of others who could not and did not have the strength to stand up for themselves. It ultimately became evident that our Silence would not protect us. “it is only when good men do good, that good get done.” Because more and more of us are committing to the work, to making the noise, the telling of the stories, to naming the names, national and international communities are demonstrating a willingness to fight this injustice as well. Although we have made some strides through education, legislation, and our grassroots efforts, it is still an insurmountable task if we do not solicit the help of our communities. Advocacy is our tool that will advance our mission, empower our supporters, ignite public debate and discussion and lead us to solutions for this pressing problem. Advocacy can help us address the systematic causes of medical malpractice rather than the symptoms. The NMMAA advances to promote changes that address the underlying causes of medical malpractice in the country. We are dedicated in ensuring that those of less power have their voices heard.


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